Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Saving Lives

I posted about Steven Giallourakis just after Christmas. At age 15 he was diagnosed with bone cancer. He beat the cancer and had his life back. Then, as an 18 year old college freshmen, cancer came back. This time it was in the form of Leukemia. The only effective treatment for relapsed Leukemia is a bone marrow transplant. But his brothers and parents were not matches. Nor was there a match in the national bone marrow registry. Steven began chemo while his family began a life saving drive to register people to find a donor.

Did you know: The majority of people in need of bone marrow are never are able to find a suitable match. We posted here, asking that people sign up as donors.
After a two month search, a miracle came in the form of an anonymous 33 year old young man. Steven received the transplant, and is now on the winning side of the battle.

Steve, surrounded by his two brothers.

Please Remember: Registering requires nothing more than a cotton swab swipe of the inside of your mouth. Here's the deal: Only 30% of cancer patients have a suitable match within their family. The rest must turn to the registry to save their lives. 11 million people are registered as donors, but matches are still very difficult to find. Every year there are 11,000 requests for matches, but over 7,000 can not be matched. That is over 7,000 people every year being told that the technology exists to save their life, but the donor does not. That donor might be you.

If you would like to register, just go here.

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Ishmael Vasquez said...


Great blog! I am contacting you because you have a mission to beat Leukemia and Lymphoma. I wanted to see if you could dedicate a blog post for a 2-year old little girl named Eve? there will be an emergency bone marrow drive april 19-20th and hopefully the more exposure the better. thanks in advance. here are some links for more info: