Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Scrubs: Zack Braff and Jake Silberg

How cool is that? Jake Silberg was fighting Burkitt's Lymphoma, and had a wish to meet the star of Scrubs, Zack Braff. Zack came out and spent a bunch of time with Jake. The Jake asked to be on the show. DONE! Jake will be on the show on April 22nd. It is an ABC show that airs at 8 PM.

I've never seen the show (sorry Jake and Zach), but I hear the show is popular.

Char Silberg, Jakes mom, will be running the NYC marathon with Team in Training to raise money for Burkitt's and other blood cancers. If you want to support her, go here.

And our main man, Ryan Salmons, continues to be all over the news. Last week he was signed by the Blue Jackets, and that made ESPN.

Channel 10 spent the day with Ryan and the story aired on the 5:30 news. There will also be a story during Blue Jackets Live before the game on Saturday in Nashville. And WBNS might run the story on Wall to Wall Sports this weekend. Larry Larson asked Ryan to join him on 610 WTVN on Sunday morning at around 11:15 to 11:20. Per Ryan's dad, "Ryan continues to draw strength from the relationship with the Blue Jackets and from witnessing the banter between the guys and Ryan, they are drawing strength from him."

As you here these great stories (and they are great!), please never forget that we are still at war. We are at war with an evil called cancer. There are many miracles like Jake and Tyler who are in remission. Tristan and Sinjin are also doing great.

But behind all the celebration, do not forget that Ryan has ended treatments with no further options available. His last dream is to live long enough to see the Blue Jackets to the playoffs. Rejoice in the victories, but never forget that the war is not yet won.

On Friday Matthew Barr will get the results back to see if the new treatments have been successful. Please keep him in your prayers. Very few things are worse than the waiting game of cancer. The single greatest responsibility of a father is to protect his family from harm. But what about when that enemy is cancer? What do you do when the greatest minds in science and medicine are without answers? You fight, you pray, you cry. Over and over and over. And you never give up. The feeling of total helplessness is beyond anything that can be described. But still you fight on.
Matthew's dad wrote,
Ever since the MRI was scheduled, a day has not gone by that Jen and I have not thought about Friday. It is as if Matthew is on trial and we find out what his sentence will be. Frankly his options are life or death.

Tomorrow he will wake up and we will sing the same songs from the same cartoons that we have watched a million times, and we will love every song, If the weather holds we even plan to go to the zoo, like any normal family would. Only every trip we take and every action we attempt to do as a family, we do with a heavy heart. I have never felt so helpless in all my life. But I know that as I go to bed tonight God will be my side, as I know that right now He is with Matthew and all of you.

We still believe, and have not given up in this battle. It is far from over


And in the previous post I mentioned that Mason McLeod received some positive test results. But as all of us parents know, cancer does not play fair. The latest tests are showing more cancer growth of his relapsed Burkitt's. Mason has repeatedly proven to be the miracle boy as he continues to beat the relapses. Now the battle is back on. I think Mason is trying to beat Sinjin's record on beating relapses...and remember Sinjin in alive! They need another miracle. Personally, I always play the odds, and based on his track record I'm placing all my bets on Mason and another miracle from God! Mason the Unbeatable.



Anonymous said...


You are the father of teen age boys and you have never sat through an epidsode of Scrubs? Dude, you need to take a break from running !


Kyle Alfriend said...

Sorry Connie-

I'm not much of a TV guy. Too much ADD to sit still. Also, the commercial breaks are so long I forget what show i am watching.

But I will make it through this one.

Anonymous said...

I so appreciate your activism and words of wisdom. I am inspired by your passion and Tyler's victory over this monsterous disease. Your family is always in my thoughts and prayers.

Amy / Angel_Wings