Monday, May 25, 2009

Never Stop Fighting

Defibrotide is now on its way to Seth Harris (see the prior post). Please continue to keep him in your prayers. The only thing these young people are asking for is hope. They want a fighting chance. Never give up on them. never stop fighting. And whenever you fight, always remember to fight to win! Our children deserve nothing less.


MJ/Angel_Wings said...

Hi Tyler I am so thankful that Seth will get the drug that he needs and that so many gave of themselves to make sure he gets it. I of course am still praying for him. Please know Tyle that you are in my thoughts and prayers.

Char Woods said...

Yes! That is great news. Keep up the good work, Seth!

Arabian Fancy said...

Seth earned his angel wings this morning. It was too late for him by the time he got the meds. He was fighting pneumonia as well as liver and kidney failure. Thanks for covering his story here. I hope it's an inspiration to more people to NEVER GIVE UP!