Thursday, June 11, 2009

Free is Good

What did you do today that was great? What did you do today that could alter the life of another human being? Did you save a life today?

Through June 22nd, you can sign up for the bone marrow registry for free. Go here. It only takes four cotton swab swipes in your mouth. You could be the one. You could actually be responsible for saving the life of fellow human being. Now how cool is that?

Go here. Right now. That is of course, unless you are doing something else right now that is more important than saving a life.

Tyler is doing great. We are back at Children's for more scans at 8AM, and then meetings with the doc. We have every expectation that all news will be good news...but it will be great to get the results.

We have learned the critical importance of sending all reports out for 2nd and 3rd opinions. It will be about a week to get all those back. But we will have preliminary results tomorrow. Then we are off to our family reunion to celebrate my parents 50th anniversary. Actually, I think it is something like the 51.5th anniversary. This was planned before Tyler was diagnosed, and has been held off until he is officially cancer free! Lots of family. Lots of fun. Lots of sun. Lots of ocean. Lots of SCUBA. And a whole lot to celebrate.

We must remember every single child in remission, so that we know there is a cure. This is beatable, You must fight, but you can win.

And remember everyone not in remission, so that we know the fight is not over. Cancer is ugly. It is evil. It must be stopped. Every time we walk out of Children's, I think of all those who are still there. Never forget them. They are fighting with a courage I can only imagine.

Please keep Joe Friend in your prayers. As Tyler was getting his first scans this week, Joe was reviewing the results of his own scans. Cancer does not play fair. Fight to win, Joe.

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Mary said...

Hi Tyler Praying for all good results from your scans. Have a wonderful time at your reunion. Please know that I am thinking about you and keeping you close in prayer. MJ/Angel_Wings