Friday, July 31, 2009


Do you have a teenager? Ever get frustrated with them? Sometimes they can be a real pain.

Sleeping all day, never picking up, sometimes moody and grumpy. Attitude. Eating non-stop. Ignoring responsibilities, but always finding time to run with friends.

A mom, talking about her 14 year old son, said "Justin is always hungry, and has a tendency to forget he's even eaten. He seems to want company, but at the same time he doesn't. He sleeps most of the day. When he is awake, he's not the most communicative person around."

So how about this. The next time your teenager does something frustrating, something that makes you really mad, try doing this. Try doing absolutely nothing. Blow it off. Just walk up to them, give them a big hug, and tell them you love them very much. And whatever they did, just forget it. I don't care if it was a messy room, mouthing off, coming home late, or even if they took your new car without asking and wrecked it. Even a Porsche. Or maybe it was something worse. The world will not end if you let it slide this one time. They're teenagers. Acting stupid is in their job description.

If this is hard to do, just read again the quote from Justin's mom. You see, she is not complaining about normal teenage behavior. Justin has cancer. She would love to see him acting up like a normal teenager, acting just like your child or mine. But instead she spends the day hugging him and praying with him. Feeding and bathing him. Laughing, loving, and crying with him. And yesterday she held on to him as long as she could, as she felt him breathe his last breath on this earth.

So the next time you child frustrates you, the next time you get mad, just drop to your knees and thank God. Then go to them, hug them, and tell them you love them. Or why wait? Get up and do it right now. If they are with their friends, it's even better (you get to embarrass them). They will say that you are weird. So what. You're a parent. Being called weird is in your job description. Grow up and deal with it.

4/19/95 - 7/29/09
Zac Mason waits patiently as his dad fights for options. After waiting for two weeks, St. Judes has blown them off. Now the MD Anderson option has run into problems.
The unbeatable Mason McLeod continues his fight. Answers are not coming easy, but his fighting spirit never stops.
Matthew Barr continues to hold the cancer in check, but the medicine has been unable to knock it out.
Joe Friend, Rachael Tippie, and all the other kids. Please keep them in your thoughts and prayers.
Team in Training Update:
12 mile run this week-end. I have been hurting, so this is going to be a hard one. 195 training miles down, 339 miles to the marathon.

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