Thursday, July 9, 2009

Victory Cruise

As we climbed off the airport shuttle bus, we saw a ship right in front of us. It was not our cruise ship, but based on the name, it could have been. American Victory. This was indeed our victory cruise. Three days before leaving on the cruise, Tyler received "all clear" scans. A long and difficult battle, but victory at the end. Always Fight to Win.
Erik, Tyler, Travis, watching the NBA finals on the ship...

Travis and Tyler "driving" the boat on our SCUBA trip...Travis and Tyler "driving" the SCUBA boat.

Then zip-lining through Belize...

...and celebrating my parents 50th.

That smile on his face is the result of victory in long and difficult battle. And it is the result of all the prayers and support from so many people. We thank everyone of you for those prayers and support. Always Fight to Win.

Please continue to remember Tyler, Kylee, Sinjin, Olivia, Jana, Tristan, and the other survivors. Remember they are here because of the support of so many people. The are here because this can be beat. We can find a cure.

And remember Brett Workman, Ryan Salmons, Cameron Brown, Mason Woods, Trey Martins, AJ Piniewski, Chase Donnell, Christan Barker, Jesse Doseck, and others. They remind us that we have so much more to do. They all fought. They never gave up. But the cancer was stronger than the medical technology. They remind us that we still have so much further to go.

And remember those in the fight.

Mason McLeod is undergoing tests today. He continues to fight Burkitt's. His family continues to fight for options. He has had some good days, but cancer can follow the good days with bad. Please pray for his results.

Rachael Tippie is doing so well, her bone marrow transplant has been postponed as she continues to get stronger.

Matthew Barr is in the terrible holding pattern where there seems to be more waiting than doing, more questions than answers. I hated those times, always preferring the fight rather than the waiting. But cancer sets its own rules. And Matthews Golf Outing is tomorrow. Pray for a great turn out (actually I forgot to sign up, so I hope they let me in).

Joe Friend is at St Judes, and is very excited about getting back into treatments. That may sound very weird, but it is true. As bad as treatments are, the waiting is worse. Just get going, and get it over with.

Zac Mason is fight hard. His father is working with doctors as they look into more options. New stratigies are tried...and then more waiting.

Justin Hutchins is fighting, but the struggle is getting more difficult. His family is by his side, now 7 weeks with only "comfort" meds. He has been fighting brain cancer for two years. All known medical options are gone, and further treatments have been stopped. Still, his family fights by his side. They pray with him. They hug and cry and laugh with him. They bath him and feed him. They hold him and love him. And they wait.

There is a cure. We just need to find it. Always Fight to Win.


Anonymous said...

Looks like a real fun trip, thanks for sharing.

Matt Mason

Michelle Council said...



The Prayer Warriors at Angel_Wings are holding a Prayer Vigil on Sunday, July 19th, between 8-9 pm EST for all the families on our Angel_Wings Prayer Lists and our Angel families of children, teens and adults who have gained their angel wings.

If you or a loved one is battling cancer or chronic illness you found a refuge! Here we hope to inspire and encourage! You have friends here who have been on similar journeys and it is our heartfelt desire to offer our support through our prayers to you and your family. You are not alone. We pray for hope and renewed strength for you daily.


Anonymous said...

Hi Tyler and Family Sounds like a fun trip. Thanks for sharing all the pictures. Please know that I am thinking about you and keeping you in prayer.