Monday, August 17, 2009

Zac Mason


They talk about the war on childhood cancer. I have used the phrase myself.

Wars must be fought to win. I see the children fighting to win. I see their parents fighting. And a small circle of friends and relatives. But I see little else.

40 years ago our government said they declared war on cancer. But I that that was a lie. we spend more on presidential elections than on childhood cancer research. Over the next month we will spend more money on a health care media blitz that we have spend on childhood cancer research in the past 10 years. A whole lot of talking, but very little doing. Last years $30 million Childhood Cancer Act has already been reduced to $10 million, and is still unfunded.

They have said war is hell. That it very true, but it is only understood by those effected. Our children stand on the front lines of the fight, staring into the face of hell. Parents are by their side, searching, pleading, and praying.

So how do you get people to support a war? I believe you do it with truth. No sugar coating. Just tell the truth. Here is the truth of cancer. Here is the face of cancer.

Zac Mason is in ICU. He has little movement on his right side because of a stroke. He has a drain in his brain, and platelet transfusions to dissolve the clot. He has two more IV lines and a 2 line broviac. He can feel the drain and new lines, and keeps asking what is going on.

He has been through 2 relapses and 3 failed re-inductions. His white blood count is zero. He has endured 9 rounds of heavy chemo in 14 months, including 6 induction or re-inductions, and 3 salvage therapies. He also has a lung infection, pneumonia, kidney lesions, and 80% leukemia blasts. Add then there is his stroke, his inability to move his right side, and his brain blood clot. And he continues to fight. He fights hard. He fights to win. He refuses to lose.

Matt is Zac's father. Matt does not leave his son's side. He searches for answers, he digs, he pleads, he yells, he prays. He then leans down and whispers to his son, "bear hug". Zac reaches thorough the maze of IV's and brain tubes, and squeezes his father with his one functioning arm.

He fights to live. He is at war, and war is hell.

This happens every day. Zac is a real boy. This story is true. So is Mason McLeod. And Rachael Tippie. And Matthew Barr. And Joe Friend. It happens every day.

How can we be so numb? How can we ignore the need?

Zac is fighting this battle today for one reason. We have not dedicated the necessary research funds to fight this war. Now Zac needs a miracle.

One day in the hospital another father told me that prayer does not change things. He said prayer changes people, and people change things. I don't know if it's always true, but I do know miracle happen more often when people step up to the plate.

Zac can beat this. Tyler went to the edge of hell, and came back. So did Tristan, Sinjin, and many others. Rachael was written off, and is now doing great. Mason McLeod has been written off several times, but is attending school today. Zac can beat this. But he needs your prayers. He needs your help.

This is war.

Mason McLeod, Rachael Tippie, Joe Friend, Matthew Barr. The list is endless. They continue to fight. Do not forget them. Do not leave them on the front lines all alone.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing Zac's story with us. I will be keeping him in prayer along with all of our other warriors and praying as always for this war to be won. MJ/Angel_Wings

Anonymous said...

Zac lost his battle today, but the war continues for many, many others. When are people going to stand up and care?!!!