Friday, January 29, 2010

Then and Now

Sometimes it's hard to imagine it has been two years. Above was Tyler's picture used for the Laps For Love event in 2008. It took us a few days to get a picture that Tyler was happy with. He just did not want to look "sick". Today, Tyler is feeling great. He is playing ball, preparing to graduate from high school, and will be attending the Ohio State University.

Next Saturday, February 6th, 8pm - 10 pm, at the Dublin Rec Center we will be having Laps for Love again. This time benefiting three kids. There will be live and silent auctions with autographed items from Jim Tressel, Archie Griffin, AJ Hawk, Brady Quinn, and several Buckeye and Blue Jacket players. Brutus Buckeye and Stinger with both be on hand. Those who want to run or walk laps can get sponsor forms here.
If you wish to donate by credit card, go to

Here are pictures from the first event in 2008, with Jack Hanna and Rick Smith.

Please come out Saturday, to support our friends:

Matthew Barr relapsed while preparing for his Disney World trip with the Make-A-Wish Foundation. Treatments have not been working as hoped, and insurance is exhausted. But the fight continues. I recall something Matthew's dad wrote when Matthew relapsed: "I know that as I go to bed tonight God will be my side, as I know that right now he is with Matthew and all of you. We still believe, and have not given up in this battle. It is far from over."
Madilyn Zimmerman is 7 years old, and one of the recipients of of this year's Laps for Love. But Madilyn has also become an aggressive fund raiser. She already has her fund-raising site set up(, and has set a personal goal to raise $5,000!

Ryan Salmons, our wonderful friend. 19 year old Ryan stood tall on the children's cancer floor, as he said "I Refuse to Lose!" Ryan's courage became such an inspiration the the Blue Jackets Hockey team signed him to a one day contract. His #3 jersey is still one of the best sellers on their web site.

Ryan passed away this summer, but his unstoppable spirit remains strong. Fulfilling one of Ryan's dreams, his dad started raising funds to purchase new TV's for all the cancer rooms at Children's Hospital. When the hospital staff suggested it would be easier to install the TV's in two years when the construction is completed. Ryan's dad responded, "Ryan lived his last year on this floor. Two years times 36 rooms? That is 72 kids like Ryan not benefiting from these TV's. I will not wait."
Laps for Love will be giving the remaining funds needed to purchase and install the new TV's in all the rooms in time for the winter Olympics.

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