Monday, February 15, 2010

Fight to Win

Two year old Ted Drummond has been fighting cancer for 18 months. The he contracted septicaemia, and his weakened organs began to fail. The doctors said the end was coming soon. The family kissed Ted goodbye and left the room, as doctors began a medically induced coma to ease his suffering.

The family waited in the hallway. Minutes later they heard some noise and commotion in the room. Then the doctor came out, knelt down on the floor and said "He's a feisty little boy isn't he?" Then the doctor explained, "I was putting a tube in his nose and he opened his eyes and punched me in the face and shouted 'No!''

It appears little two year old Ted still has a lot of fight, regardless of a doctors prognosis.

This happened 10 months ago, and little Ted continues to fight to win. He has undergone four more cycles of chemotherapy, and is beginning to improve. The cancer is still there, but Ted refuses to lose. The little bruiser is now even taking swimming lessons. He intends on participating in a swim-a-thon charity to raise awareness of childhood cancer.

Ted's mom said, "Ted lights up the day for all those who meet him and he has an ability to draw people close. Despite his age, he takes his medication and treatment with no fuss and has the ability to turn even that into a game or something to learn."

Always fight to win!

And everywhere you look, you find more kids. They always fight. They refuse to lose. As my friend Stef Tarapchak said, "I'm not afraid to die. I'm just not ready!"

There are 1,000's of kids battling cancer right now, fighting for their life. They continue to fight. They refuse to lose. Here are just a few. Please keep them in your thoughts and prayers.

Matthew Barr
Kirsten Schlarman
Sam Bish

Nicholas Reamer

Spencer Shores

Truman Hendrick

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