Friday, July 23, 2010

Alice Smith...All in a Row

Alice Smith is my mother-in-law, and she has spent a lot of time in our home over the past couple of years. She is a great lady, and I actually have a lot of fun with her.

Once I was on the computer in the room she stays in while visiting. I said hello when she walked in the room, but apparently she did not hear or see me. A few minutes later I looked up, and she was undressing by the bed.

In my deepest and sexiest voice, I said, "Hello there, Alice." She screamed, grabbed her cloths, and yelled "What did you see?' I responded, "I'm not exactly sure what I saw, but is sure needed ironing!"

One day I came in from a run. Alice said she was impressed I was running the marathon, and asked how far I had just gone. It was 10 miles. She then said I needed to slow down, or I would complete the miles early. That is when I realized she thought the 26.2 miles was the total miles run over the 4 months of training.

I explained that the training was about 545 miles, and that the 26.2 was a single race at the end. Her response was, "26 miles, you mean all at once...all in a row!!! Now that's just plain STUPID!"

Right now I'm sitting in a chair with my legs propped up, after finishing 12 miles. Sometimes it does feel stupid. Sitting here, I am also thinking about Alice, who passed away this week from cancer. And I am also thinking about our the battle with childhood cancer.

How do you beat childhood cancer?

I believe it is done the same way you beat every other big giant hairy audacious challenge. Just like the marathon, we must be relentless. Never stopping. Attacking on every level. Day after day, mile after mile. Never quiting, never compromising. Even to the point of stupidity, and beyond. Refusing to lose. Fighting to win. Signing petitions, raising funds, running marathons, shaving heads, selling lemonade. Everything. Everyday, all in a row.

Here is the truth...The cure is out there. And every generation, prior to ours, has failed to find it. I find that very exciting. It means the victory is up to us. We have the opportunity to finish the world's greatest battle, the #1 disease killer of our children. And all we have to do is act. All we have to do is fight on every level. Every day, all in row.

As Orville Wright said, "Isn't it astonishing that all these secrets have been preserved for so many years just so we could discover them!"

We can do this. We can find the cure, and save our children. Why does this matter? Well, there are 46 new reasons everyday... 46 new children diagnosed everyday. Here are 4 of them.

Christina O'Brian is about to turn 18, and is fighting her 3rd battle with bone cancer. Through each relapse, she has remains always cheerful and positive. Recently she said, I am so happy to be where I am, and so glad I have had to fight to get here. Who doesn't have ups and downs growing up....Mine just had some chemo involved."

Sam Bish is also fighting bone cancer. Soon after having his leg removed, he learned the cancer had spread further. Sam courageously went back into treatments and started all over. Last week Sam was scheduled for his final treatment, only to find the cancer have again spread into both lungs.

Matthew Barr is 4 1/2, and battling relapsed brain cancer. Due to several reasons, treatment options are very limited for Matthew, and a cure has not been found. But Matthew continues to defy the doctors and beat the odds.

Faith is home with her mom and sisters, under the care of hospice. She continues to fight cancer on every level. As she began to lose her ability to speak, she started learning sign she could continue to tell her mother "I love you".
Never Stop. Always Fight To Win!
Team in Training update: I have run 183 training miles. Only 363 miles remaining to the starting line. If you would like to support my run for cancer, go to

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Char Woods said...

Dear Kyle,

My sincere condolences to all your family on the death of Alice. She sounds like a real no-nonsense smart lady. I loved, "That's just stupid! " Yes, we're running on love.....but 26 miles, that may be pretty stupid!
Bless her!!

Love your blogs. We made pancakes for folks at Ronald McDonald House today and met families from England, South Korea, Israel, Grenada, Virginia, Iowa, Kansas, New Jersey, New York.......
amazing. Word is spreading that Jake and Friends Pancakes are pretty good!

Love Char