Thursday, July 29, 2010

Brandon and Lisa

Brandon and Lisa
Coming home exhausted
after a week long music festival.

Two years ago, during his sophomore year at college, Brandon went to Florida for spring break. While there, he met a girl from Michigan. He started calling her, and driving up to Michigan to see her.

As time went on, the trips continued...but at some point her name changed. As it turns out, his interests had shifted to one of her friends.

And then the name changed again. A 3rd girl, another friend.

But this time was different. This time the name stuck. Lisa Magirl.

Soon she was coming down to see us, getting to know us, playing family games with us. She is a wonderful person, and really bring out the best in Brandon.

Then Brandon move in with her family as he did a summer internship in Michigan. We drove up to meet the family. Later they all came down and spent the week-end with us. A great girl from an outstanding family.

This past week Brandon and Lisa volunteered for Make-A-Wish Foundation at a music festival in Tennessee. Then came the big moment...Brandon popped the question after a Carrie Underwood concert. Lisa said yes, and my oldest son is now engaged to be married.

I could not be any more excited. Lisa a great person, and comes from a wonderful loving family. They also have four children, all very close in age to our sons. I know they will have a wonderful life together.

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deyerle said...

I am thrilled for Brandon!!!!!!!!!!
When the wedding? I am so excited for all of you.