Sunday, August 22, 2010

The Faith to Fight

Sam Bish is 9 years old. Last year he began having leg, which was eventually diagnosed as cancer. In October he lost his leg, and began the long process of beating cancer. As always, there were many ups and downs. But Sam never gave up. He fought with everything he had to give.
He wrote a letter to God during Sunday school:
I love you God! You are the best God in the whole wide world! And help me not to go to heaven. I would like to not go there for a very long time. Help me to learn how to walk again. Help me to go up to the 4th grade in school so I will be with my friends. I love you Lord! My favorite things are video games, television, Zhu Zhu Pets, Star Wars, Marvel Comics, Action Figures, Disney World, board games, my puppy Yoda and my family!
Last month Sam joined friends in Disney World, courtesy of the Make-A-Wish Foundation. On his return, Sam learned the cancer had spread aggressively. Each test brought worse news. Sam continued to fight his courageous battle. But the cancer was stronger than the medical science. We have simply not focused the need resources to find a cure.
Friday, surrounded by his parents and sisters, Sam passed away.
Faith Pruden is also a fighter. For 6 months she refused to quit. As she approached her 7th birthday, she began learning sigh language. She wanted to make sure, if cancer stole her ability to speak, that she could still say "I love you" to her mom and sisters.
Faith continued he fight, even after losing her ability to speak. Then, 12 days after her birthday, she passed away.
Some of these kids survive. Others do not. But never have I seen one quit. They never stop. Their faith and their fight are tied together. This is the lesson they have taught me. It is impossible to meet any of them and remain unchanged. They have a greater courage to live than could ever hope to achieve.

If I still want to fight. Why are they giving up on me?
-Brett Workman, while fighting Burkitt's Lymphoma

Courage is not the absence of fear but the willingness to go on in spite of it.
-Motto, Cancer Free Kids
Complaining? Yes, sometimes I do. Feeling sorry for myself? Certainly. I have my moments. Quit? Give up? Hell no.
-Jon Agin, father of 4 year old Alexis who is battling cancer
Even if your losing, you have to fight.
-Perry Rothaur, cancer survivor

Whatever happens in life, fall in love with it
Cory Pike, last words before dying of Burkitt's Lymphoma

How do you know when it’s over? When it’s over. That may be soon, but it’s not now.
-Mile Levin, while fighting cancer

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