Monday, August 30, 2010

The Faith to Fight

Bradley Brock

I believe the greatest purpose of life is to impact others. This video is evidence that Bradley Brock, a young man of 17, has impacted the lives of 1,000's. Probably 100's of thousands. How many can say that? In fact, since my son was diagnosed with cancer, I have learned an indisputable truth...these young people, in a short period of time, achieve a greatness that I never dreamed possible. They have taught me the very meaning of life.

And they have taught me something else. There is a cure for cancer. And these young people suffer because we have not done enough. I have not done enough. They taught me, "If it's going to be, it is up to me." Some say, "I can't do everything." They simply look at us and ask, "Have you done everything that you can do?"

I have watched these kids. Standing tall and proud, they can say "Yes". They fight with everything they have to give. And they do so with amazing compassion to others, leaving leave nothing on the table. Can you look in the mirror and say the same? I cannot. But I might be getting closer.

Bradley is in a difficult fight right now. But fight is still on. And in the heart of the battle, Bradley continues to talk, sing, and share his love for his family, his friends, and his Lord. "Don’t ever have any what-ifs. Live your life to the fullest."
-Bradley Brock

Christina O'Brian, without question the most positive and joyful person I have every had the privilege of meeting. She is truly unstoppable. In the middle of the 3rd battle with cancer, struggling to find workable treatments, she smiles the most beautiful smile, and says "I am so happy to be where I am, and so glad I have had to fight to get here. Who doesn't have ups and downs growing up....mine just had some chemo involved." Never forget...a fighting goalie will never lose.

The is something about Matthew Barr I can never get out of my mind. There something in his voice that is joyful and innocent. And something about his face that feels like I'm looking into the face of God. Matthew was in the hospital with us, and then relapsed after we were gone. He has successfully held the cancer at bay for several months, but now things are changing. New treatments are being evaluated as the fight continues.

Well, it is just going to make the cancer even more mad when I beat it. -- Bradley Brock, response when doctors said the cancer was continuing to spread.

When someone gives up. Don't ever give up. Follow your dreams. --Brendan Foster, 11 year old leukemia patient, when asked what makes him sad?

You can pick up where I left off and serve so many others. Hear this plea and respond to it. This is your friend who asks you to accept this challenge. Do something meaningful in your life. After all, that is how you can honor me and my life. -- Brett Gosnell, 20 years old, written 6 days before his death, to be read at his funeral.

If I still want to fight. Why are they giving up on me? --Brett Workman, 17, Burkitt's Lymphoma

Whatever happens in life, fall in love with it--Cory Pike, 20 years old, Burkitt's Lymphoma

Every day is a gift. Everyday holds the hope of changing the world. Everyday is a chance to make life AWESOME! --Jake Silberg, 16, Burkitt's Lymphoma

I will fight. And when I fight, I always fight to win! -- Tyler Alfriend, 16, when told Burkitt's Lymphoma had moved into his bone marrow and Leukemia had set in.

Dying is not what scares me; it's dying having had no impact. I know a lot of eyes are watching me suffer; and -- win or lose -- this is my time for impact. --Miles Levin, 18

My life is more amazing than I could ever dream. -- Andoni Schultz, 18, battling brain cancer since 3, upon his acceptance to Notra Dame

Courage + Believe = Life. -Scott Challis, 18, Liver Cancer

I did not give up on anything. God will take me when it's my time. --Shane Christensen, 19

We just have to play the cards we're dealt, Dad. --AJ Pinewski, 15, Burkitt's Lymphoma, when told all treatment options are gone.


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