Thursday, September 9, 2010

Jake Silberg: The Triathlete

382 miles down...163 miles to the starting line!

I want to give my sincere appreciation for all those who have continued to support my run for cancer. With about 5 weeks remaining to the start of the race, my fund raising goal has been reached -- thank you very much!

These next weeks are critical for the race. I handle well the 13-15 mile runs. But I'm a hurting puppy at 16+ miles. And from this point on, all the week-end runs are 20+ miles (23 miles this week-end). I guess it's a simple this world of give and take, am I will to give what it takes. As I see these young people fighting cancer, how can I ever give up (although there are times I wish I had some of Tyler's morphine!).

I appreciate your continued support through thoughts and prayers. And I have an additional request. I would like to steer your financial support to a good friend of mine...Jake Silberg...also with Team-in-Training.

Jake is the same age as Tyler. Like Tyler, Jake began having stomach pains in 2007. And he also went through one misdiagnosis after another. And finally his parents also heard those words, "We are very sorry. You son has cancer." Jake had Burkitt's Lymphoma, and quickly began months of intense chemo.

One night, as he battled through his treatments, he stood on his bed and wrote in large letters on the ceiling, "Every day is a gift. Everyday holds the hope of changing the world. Everyday is a chance to make life AWESOME!"

Our families connected and shared information as our son's battled cancer. After several rounds of chemo, Jake went into remission. Team-in-Train then invited him to speak at the kick off ceremony at the Nations Triathlon.

Jake is an incredible young man. We had the privilege of getting together this past week when his family invited us to join them at the Jersey shore.

Jake continues to give back, speaking at fund raisers, speaking with kids, making his famous pancakes at the Ronald McDonald House.

And this month he will be racing for Team-in-Training in his very first triathlon. I would appreciate any support you can send his way.

His fund raising site is

There is a cure. We just need to keep fighting until we find it. And as Tyler says, Whenever we fight, we must always fight to win!

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