Sunday, April 10, 2011

A Life Worth Living

It is odd how different things effect people differently.

At no point did my mind accept any possible outcome than Tyler's complete recovery from cancer.

None of the overwhelming mortality statistics phased me at all.

I was also unaffected by the pages of potential side effects from treatment. All the risks of permeate damage to liver, lungs, heart did not worry me. Chemo induced secondary cancers, diminished mental abilities, and shortened life expectancy were all irrelevant. We would fight, and we would win. There would be not death, and no lasting side effects. my mind easily accepted this, and the statistics were irrelevant.

But then one potential side effect that knocked me off my feet. It sounds really stupid, but it was the only one that caught me off guard, They said the chemo damage to Tyler's lungs would prohibit him from SCUBA diving.

Some would think that is getting off very easy. No great loss. But for some odd reason, that one really bothered me.

Well, Tyler did beat cancer. And he beat all the dreaded lasting side effects. And his lungs are in full operation. And, last week, we spend 9 days SCUBA diving.

Check it out. It was worth the fight.

Travis, Tyler, Erik, me -- doing the O-H-I-O on the ocean floor

Tyler chasing the turtles.


Me helping Erik with his gear.

Probably should have keep the regulator in my mouth. Air is a good thing.
Erik and Tyler with their grandmother.

Erik is counting his fngers after finding the shark hiding in the reef.

Exploring the caves

Hugh Crab
Lots of tunnels and caves to explore
Eriks show and tell


Ali said...

Praise the Lord!

Sinjin's mama said... very very awesome.
Tyler you keep on livingstrong...

I wanted to share with you that Aaron White bhas relaped after 4 years with Burkitts..Has all doctors in a tail spin..It is very rare this happens..Sinjin and I aredeeply saddened by the news.

Jenna said...

Hi Tyler!
My name is Jenna and I came across your site. U are one brave, courageous, strong, determined person, U are full of fight, smiles and determination. You are an inspirational hero and a real survivor. You are a champ. I am so glad you fought so hard so you could go scuba diving!
I was born with a rare life threatening disease.