Sunday, June 26, 2011

The Home For Home - $400,000

We did it! $400,000!

Yesterday was the end of a year long project, to raise money for cancer research. We built a home with Charles Ruma and Virginia Homes, with all proceeds going toward cancer research.

The home was completed, and we sold it a auction yesterday. Winning bid...$400,000!

100% of all proceeds go to cancer research. 90% to new research facility at The James cancer hospital at Ohio State, and 10% going the Lance Armstrongs LiveStrong organization.

Thank you to the Ruma family, and the many, many people that made this all possible. I'll update with pictures as soon as I get them.


Fables in rhyme said...

I wish you the best, u'll win this fight. When my cousin was 12 years old, the doctors diagnosed leukemia, it was a big sadness for me and my family,but now, he is 15 years old, and is the most healthy boy in the city. Now all this disease is like a bad dream. Don´t stop fighting. I know iam just a little girl with a bad english, but i just wanna tell u a nice message. All my love and strength from Chile.

DAVID HAAS said...

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