Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Creating Hope Act

On behalf of Nancy Goodman, Founder of Kids v Cancer, and kids everywhere, today we ask for your immediate support for the Creating Hope Act!! Kids v Cancer has reached a critical point in the passage of the Creating Hope Act!

Thanks to the thousands of you who wrote their members of Congress and urged them to cosponsor the Creating Hope Act, 150 Representatives have pledged their support.

We hope to pass the Creating Hope Act by attaching it to a major piece of legislation, PDUFA. However, at this time, the draft House Chairman's mark has been issued without the Creating Hope Act. We are disappointed, but we still can get it attached if we act now.

We can still ask that the Creating Hope Act be attached to Chairman Upton’s mark -- eg part of the first draft of PDUFA considered by the Energy and Commerce Committee of the House of Representatives. In addition, we can ask Congressman Bilbray to introduce the Creating Hope Act as an amendment to PDUFA.

Let's give one final push -- along with everyone you know, please call these Members of Congress listed below TODAY and urge them to pass the Creating Hope Act!

For each call, please tell the receptionist why you care about pediatric cancer and other pediatric rare diseases.

There has only been ONE initial FDA approval for a pediatric cancer drug in 20 years! We need the Creating Hope Act to change this!

Please make 3 calls:

Congressman Upton
(202) 225-3761
The Ask: “Please include the Creating Hope Act in your Chairman’s Markup of the Prescription Drug User Fee Act- PDUFA.” (pronounced pih-Du-fa)

Congressman Bilbray
(202) 225-0508
The Ask: “Please urge Representative Bilbray to include the Creating Hope Act in his Chairman’s Markup of the Prescription Drug User Fee Act- PDUFA. If the Creating Hope Act is not attached, please introduce it as an amendment to PDUFA” (pronounced pih-Du-fa)

Congressman Waxman
(202) 225-3976
The Ask: “There is an immediate need for innovative drug development in childhood cancer and other rare pediatric diseases. Please support the Creating Hope Act so we can get new drugs to children as quickly as possible!”
(Explanation: As the ranking Democrat, it’s important that Congressman Waxman not oppose the Creating Hope Act even though it grants benefits to the drug industry.)

Please also let us know you called! Post on the Kids v Cancer Facebook wall, or email us at: Adrienne@kidsvcancer.org.

On behalf of sick kids everywhere, thank you.

Thanks PAC2!!