Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Gavin Rowe

September is Childhood Cancer Awareness Month.

Most people are aware of the brutal treatments used on cancer patients.  However many are not aware of the long term devastating effects of those treatments on the young developing bodies.  Many are not aware that 78% of childhood cancer "survivors" suffer life long problems, primarily relapses, secondary cancers, heart disease, and liver disease. 

Gavin Rowe is just on of the many stories.  

Gavin was diagnosed with cancer at age three.  He beat it, and is listed in the statistics of survivors.  Then he relapsed, and beat it again.  Now, eleven years old, Gavin has relapsed again.  

Gavin is strong, and continues to fight, in spite of multiple replaces, and leukemia now spreading into his central nervous system.  Like my son Tyler, Gavin continues to fight to win.

Currently Gavin is pursuing an new treatment option at Childrens Hospital of Philadelphia.  I encourage you to go to the family's site, lend your support, and let Gavin know he is in your thoughts and prayers.

My son also had leukemia.  It also spread into his central nervous system. many people also gave up on him.  He is now eight year in remission, healthy, married, and cancer free.  I have no doubt that Gavin will have the same outcome.  He just needs us all to keep fighting. 

To learn more about Gavin Rowe, and help his family though their financial needs, please go to their Go Fund Me page.

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