Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Lots of Money for Trump and Hillary

Those running for president this year have spent $1 billion dollars on their campaigns.
If you total the other national elections this year, the total reaches $5 billion.  That is $13.7 million spent every day.  I guess it takes that much money to talk about all the hot mikes, lost emails, lying, cheating, and tax evasion. 
I saw that number this morning, and it struck me.  $13.7 million a day. That number is exactly HALF of the ANNUAL amount our government budgets for childhood cancer clinical trials.  Oddly, that is a topic no candidate has mentioned. 
Childhood cancer is the #1 disease killer of children in this country. Every year 15,780 children are diagnosed. That is a school bus full of children every single day. 20% of those children will die of cancer within five years, with another 16% dying after the fifth year.  Of the survivors, 78% will suffer life-long debilitating complications from the treatments, most dying pre-maturely.  Only 22% survive to live a full and healthy life.  
These numbers have remained unchanged for three decades.  In spite of this, our government only budgets 4% of its cancer research funds for childhood cancers. Our "public servants" find this acceptable. Those campaigning to be our new "public servants" seem to agree.  I do not. 
Now would be the logical place in this blog for me to insert support for a particular candidate. Unfortunately, there is not a single candidate in a national election willing to tackle this issue. I guess they are too busy fighting for people with votes and $13.7 million a day in contributions. Children have neither. 
Therefore it is up to the rest of us.  We must fight for our children. There is a cure, and we must find it.  There are many ways you can help.  If you don't know how, one of the best forums is People Against Childhood Cancer. 

We must to fight for our children.  And we need to fight to win. 

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