Friday, December 30, 2016

Christian Barker and the Gold Rush Cure Foundation

Beating cancer is hard, and requires the entire community.  The support we received, especially for others fighting cancer, was a critical reason for my son's survival.

Many families became a source of inspiration, advice, and support. High on that list were Gary and Sandy Barker, parents of Christian Barker. At the time, both Christian and my son Tyler were losing their battle with cancer.  The courage of the Barker's to pursue every option to save their son inspired us to do the break open every door, to search for the impossible.  

Christian's courageous fight, and the way his parents embraced their responcibility in the battle, became a road map for our fight to save Tyler. I saw with confidence that the Barker's example was instrumental in saving Tyler.

Unfortunatly, cancer is still a killer, and Christian did not survive. In response, the Barker's have become powerful advocates for families fighting childhood cancer.  They have created the Gold Rush Foundation.  They do an incredible job, and you should check them out at

We must never forget, despite all our efforts, children continue to die.  We will continue to fight, until childhood cancer is removed from this earth. 

Below is a note from the Barker's caring bridge. May we never forget.

Dear Christian, We dread this day every year. Today is the 9th Anniversary that you went to heaven. The calendar may move on, but missing you never will. Anyone who has lost someone significant in their life knows what I'm talking about. The memories we have are priceless, and the memories we wish we could create leave a void that can never be filled.😢 You endured so much suffering, yet your faithfulness in God, courageousness, determination, respect and compassion for others, and sweet nature remained in tact your whole life which are just a few of the reasons you still inspire me and others with the legacy you have left. You are my hero and the driving force behind SO much of what I do. I pray that your life isn't defined by your cancer, but by the multifaceted character traits you showed to others, as well as your funny sense of humor, sharp wit, tight hugs, and impressive comic-drawing skills just to name a few. My heart aches and yearns for you because I miss you so very much, but I know you are happy and healthy in heaven. I am SO very thankful to be your mom and that I will get to see you again someday. We love you forever Christian! (((HUGS))), Mom, Dad, Garrett, and Kendall

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