Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Jesus Christ or Jack Daniels

Christmas is approaching fast. At some point, in between all the rushing through holiday events, we all take a moment to think about the birth of Jesus.

My view of Jesus has changed dramatically over the past several years.  It began when my son was diagnosed with childhood leukemia.  During times of crisis, some people turn to God for help. Others turn against God, blaming Him for the tragedies of life. I did both, sometimes crying to God from my knees, and other times cursing God from the rooftops.

At the time, I became very angry at God.  I now realize my anger was misdirected. My anger was actually at the people who said my son’s cancer was part of God’s plan. My anger was toward those who said I must believe God would handle everything, and I must accept any outcome as God’s will. They said I must learn to just be content. Did God really send his son, just to help us be cozy and content?  Complacency, and doesn’t require any help from God.  If all I wanted was some comfort, and a little help in accepting the troubles of the world, why would I choose Jesus? I’d probably choose Jack Daniels. It’s much easier, faster, and doesn't come with any religious strings attached.

However, I think Jesus intended to be more than just a cosmic bottle of Tennessee Whiskey for our souls.  If Jesus went through all the hassle of coming here, I don't think it was to tell us to accept the unacceptable.  I believe he came to be the power and passion inside us to fight for others, especially the weakest, poorest, and youngest. I believe Jesus calls us to to action, to break through barriers, take risks, and pursue the impossible. He calls us away from the comfortable, and into the unknown.

I’ve been told I must learn to wait on God. How long should I wait, while forty-six children a day are diagnosed  with cancer? I believe in waiting on God.  I believe God has been here a long time, and has been waiting on us. Waiting has never put food in the stomach of a starving child, or placed a roof over a homeless family. Waiting will never cure cancer. Faith requires action, and I choose to believe in the Jesus of action, the Christ of the impossible. The only path to immortality is to fight for things that last into eternity.

So what is your impossible goal?  How do you want to change the world?  My goal is simple. I want to eradicate childhood cancer from the earth before I die. It will not be easy. Big challenges require a lot of hard work, and impossible ones are even a little harder. However I believe in God, so my goals should be worthy of God, and worthy of eternity.

That is my religion.

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