Wednesday, February 15, 2017

$1.85 - No One Fights Alone

Last month the Dublin community came together for JJ Thomas, to support his fight against childhood leukemia.   $7,000 was raised for he family, as the community came together to watch the Pixar movie Sing! At the Dublin AMC Theater.

It was an wonderful afternoon, seeing so many generous people giving to the Thomas family.  However one gift stood out to me.  It was from a young boy, about eight or nine years old, who walked up for a movie ticket.  His parents had already made a donation for the tickets, but he wanted to give more.  He reached out his hand, and dropped on the counter a fist full of quarters and dimes.  The coins totaled $1.85.  

Some people may hear this, and ask what can be done with only $1.85.  I see it differently.  I saw a young man giving all that he had.  I saw a young man saying, "I may not be able to do everything, but I will certainly do everything I can do."

No one fights alone.  Beating cancer requires the efforts of the entire community.  This young man, just a child, already knew this fact.  If we all fight together.  If we all do what we can do.  If we give from the heart.  Then, and only then, we will change the world.

No one fights alone.

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